Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Works of Art designed by Yours Truly

The following are a few examples of the variety of works I have created using Photoshop.

Besides being able to creatively add beautiful actions to photographs to add a little something 'extra', I also have played with graphics design and creating posters.

Below: Photos edited for TESSA for their general use in abuse awareness.
A few of these are just beautiful varieties of animal photos with unique effects added...

A simple before and after of basic photo cleaning:
 Creating a shadow/spotlight effect can create a unique perspective on an animal...

 Fractal art is fantastic and adds beautiful designs and a soft look to any photo!

A bit of graphic design to illustrate a giraffe silhouette against a nature-inspired background:
 Sometimes, it's fun to just play around and emulate a video game for a friend!!
Or make someone feel more epic!

A simple photo editing program can create amazing collages, as seen with these various red photos in a fun shape...
In order to help my coworkers when they fill in for me, I created a simple guide on how to do my job, and just for fun I created this cover for the booklet: (Ironically the original book cover that I scanned was Photoshop for Dummies!) 

Some interesting posters can be created by simply cutting out letters and placing photos behind: 
 Some basic and interesting posters that I created a few years ago:

A poster that was used for collecting baby bottles a few years ago:

Selective coloring can be used to create a very unique and colorful photograph!

And sometimes, one photo doesn't capture the entire photo using a few edits in Photoshop it's easy to combine several shots to create that one perfect picture!

A few dreamy flowers:

And in honor of something exciting...