Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Satiation and hormones vs romantic (or Oceanography)

With frustrations in life we tend to vent about them, yell at the object of our frustration, write down what we are feeling, yell about them, hit things, meditate and let the feelings go...there are many different ways.

And then once the satiation is met, the tide recedes and emotions are temporarily at ease. Life is a
constant roller coaster; an ebb and flow through time of ups and downs. Through it all we have a few constants, just like how the same wave doesn't surface exactly the same, but the ocean is always there below it...there are people in our lives that are either waves or the depths. And then there are tidal waves. Let's call satiation the tidal waves, hormones the waves, and romantic the depths.

Sometimes romantic can also simply be the close friendships that we create and have in our lives; not always romantic involvement but they are people in our lives that know us better than we know ourselves sometimes. One of those people that I am so incredibly grateful for in my life is Eekhoorn. Not because she makes me say "eek" at some of the messages I get from her, but because is a perfect combination of strength, steadfastness, inappropriate humor, sass, empathy, and understanding all rolled into one beautifully quirky woman! I will be forever grateful that she started a conversation and invited me out to a beer, that was one of the best decisions of the year that I made. She, along with a select few others, have kept me sane this year, and in the same breath has not only encouraged my craziness but embraces it and matches me step for step.

The waves are only natural, and some days are definitely better than others. It's when the tidal waves rush in; the calm before the storm is eerily silent and the next thing you know an overwhelming sense of emotion washes over you; leaving nothing in its' wake unblemished. At the end of the recession however, the depths are still there, understanding and accepting that sometimes, things happen. Usually a tidal wave is a cause of a resonating earthquake or other massive natural disaster; the tidal wave doesn't always follow immediately.

As frustrated as it is to find yourself caught in a tidal wave, and hating every single uncomfortable toss and turn, it's inevitable in life and eventually the rushes will stop and the deep sea will settle once again. Knowing where the rushing tides are gathering and trying to keep your senses about you can be tough, and it's okay to not resist the every time. Taoists will teach to go with the natural flow of life and not fight against nature; I think that sometimes these tidal waves are a natural effect from a cause that we can't always control.

Even if we find ourselves wanting nothing to do with certain souls (and we know deep down that we have taken precautions to protect our hearts and created walls), they find ways to interject themselves into our lives and test our barriers, even with hot wire and sharp bite, they'll still jump in and try to pet the warthogs. An earthquake will rumble down the mountain and with a smile to cover the canines we feel deep in our bones that trusting what felt like nothing may very well create a tidal wave in the future.

What do you do when your gut tells you one thing, and every fact points to other logics? Sometimes all you can do is ride out the storms, fall back to the depths for stability, and prepare yourself for the next wave. Thank goodness for the ocean, because without it we would all be lost.