Monday, October 23, 2017

10 minute writing 2

 The mind is a remarkable thing. The way that it can take information and remember, or twist, convince you of feelings or not, it’s amazing. If you believe something, truly believe it, the mind will work to convince you that that thing is the truth. Learning to be open to being wrong, it’s not easy. The true path to enlightenment lies within the ability to go through life knowing nothing. Because as soon as you "know" something, it limits the possibilities that exist. And enlightenment is possibility, endless, open, magnificent possibilities. 

I don’t know if there is only this life to live on the planet, I don’t know what our purpose is, in this tiny flicker of existence on a landform that’s been around for millions of years, perhaps there is none. Perhaps we make up our own meanings to validate our own existence, to ourselves, to society. We want happiness in life, we want to feel like we have a purpose, that we can influence change, for the better, and some times for the worse. It’s about control, having some sense that we have control over something...our lives, destiny, our work, our lover, a creature, a plant....something. To feel like we have an impact, sometimes it’s the most basic desires that drive us so hard in life. 

What do you do when you don’t feel like you have control, or you don’t feel like you make an impact? When it seems that nothing makes sense, and you aren’t able to control any aspect of your life, learned helplessness kicks in and you go through the motions, because ultimately what’s the point otherwise? When we feel like we don’t have a chance to change anything, it goes against our human nature and we just give up. Fighting through those feelings is hard, pushing back against the grain and digging your heels in to say "No, I am not going to cave, I want to change this, and I’m going to work to make a difference!", it can be the hardest and bravest thing an individual can do. Fighting against the constant barrage of negativity, of feeling like one person can’t make a person CAN and does make a difference, every day it happens. 

Whether it’s one person saying "No thanks, I don’t need a straw.", or "I think we should try this approach next.", you never know when your words or actions will impact and affect someone’s life so deeply that a small change will take hold and turn into something more. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, to live fully, to move on when it’s best, to stand up for what you believe in; it may not feel like it makes a difference and it may feel like your words fall on deaf ears, but you never know when they aren’t. And what that ripple will cause.