Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Days 24 & 25

Yesterday I was not feeling well, my ovarian cyst was acting up again. It is doing better but still not a good time when it hits. I was on my way into work and at a long light so I snapped this photo with my HDR camera app. (Highly recommend it for Android users!)

Today, day 25, and my head feels like exploding. I don't know what is that's causing it, I've eaten and had something to drink. It could be the caffeine I drank but that doesn't normally cause a headache like this. In fact, my friend suffers from migraines and drinks Coke a lot, so her doctor told her to drink more caffeine when her headaches act up because the caffeine helps with blood flow around the brain. (Either it causes the vessels to contract or expand, whichever should help). 

I have ideas for the rest of this week for photos, we'll see how I feel each day and what seems appropriate to do!

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