Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Silence in the moment

When you find yourself sitting in the silence, and smiling at a memory, it could be argued that this is a wonderful thing. When the happiness that you feel fills you to the brim, and feels as if it starts at your toes and every ounce of your body, every atom that comprises your being, and every whisper of energy that makes up your soul is so incredibly overwhelmed with peace, and calm, and blissful joy...that is truly remarkable. Even more so when you're in the middle of a firestorm and you are able to draw upon this positive energy and light in your life.

Being a "good person" is something that I have tried to explain before in carpool debates with a good friend, Sven. As a phrase, it is very vague, and trying to describe what that looks like, isn't necessarily that simple. There are a lot of grey areas in life, and yes, in religion as well. It can be debated that it's simple and black and white; "you believe what I believe and you're a good Christian, you'll wind up in heaven." There are many differences between each religion, with essentially one similar concept; there is a power that is greater than us that gives us hope for peace in the afterlife.

I would be shocked if no one challenged me on that statement. Religion is so very complex and variable, and open for interpretation (even though the Ten Commandments were carved in stone, their existence is debatable, so yes, I don't think that anything is "certain". Whether you believe that Jesus was simply a man spreading good words and encouraging people to treat each other with respect and kindness, or if the Bible is true verbatim vs a collection of stories to illustrate philosophies and ideologies, or if you believe in the earth goddess and worship the sun...I believe that religions are a prism casting a myriad of truths with one similar point. Be good people.

Sometimes, we are our best when we surround ourself with people that believe in us, raises us up, encourage us and love us. A soul mate has the ability to bring out the best in us as well; sometimes simply by existing and becoming known to us. Whether they live 2,500 miles away, or 10 miles down the road but emotionally might as well be on the moon, if we are open to who they are (to our souls), the possibilities are endless. The whispers and strands of etherealness that make up our souls merge through the tiniest of connections and we find ourselves striving to become better through that connection. Even if we don't realize what is happening, we look back in our lives and see that over the course of time we are more patient, more generous, kinder to those around us who need it the most. Maybe we spend more time in nature and find something to connect to, furthering that growth of our soul, bringing it a small step closer to its full potential. Or maybe we start to give others the benefit of the doubt and have a more positive view on the world around us; instead of immediately turning to something negative or sinister we see the action as simply "being", and we let it go.

It's a bit out there, but I believe that through finding the connections with those around us we find the heaven on earth that exists, and in doing so we pave the path for our soul for this life and the next.

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