Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 8

Well it's the second Sunday of 2012 and the first week has been exactly like every other week of the past 2 years! A cold front has moved in and it once again feels like winter in Colorado. My pup and I met up with a friend and his new puppy out at a hiking spot down south and they had a blast. The other pup, seen below, is a Pyrenees mix, only 9 weeks old and already a massive ball of fluff that can easily knock you over if you aren't careful! 

After we left there Pandora and I stopped by Bear Creek park and happened to run into her sister!

After we got home, Pandora laid on the couch and hasn't moved much since! My photo for day 8 is a picture of her and I on the couch after our morning of playing and bonding!

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